Walking in the flow

‘Courage, is fear walking,’ she said
‘Life has legs,' he said, ‘and continuously walks.
We must walk with it or we will be left behind.’

We are all born with the wings
Of delicious dreams and potential,
Whose use allows us to learn
To fly beyond.

In keeping them preened and healthy
These fluted ailerons serve to keep us aloft,
Above the sticky banalities that keep us grounded
And falsely imprisoned in our fleeting fears.

We must look beyond the binding constraints
The petty rules and regulations of 'how it’s done'
Here, there and everywhere
And find new ways of harnessing
The strong and fearless wings
Of our glorious imaginations.

Through uplifting each other
We can connectively build
The new designs of the bridges
Of our unlimited consciousness
Soaring above and freeing us
To continue to imagine and create
And fly and walk wonderfully together
And thus, let the water flow
Effortlessly, beneath us.